Fujian Qixin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:Room 503, 5th Floor, Building 7, Internet of Things Demonstration Park, Science and Technology City, Zhangzhou High-tech Zone, Fujian Province

BUSINESS SCOPE: General projects: intelligent control system integration; information system integration services; Internet of Things technology research and development; software development; network and information security software development; information technology consulting services; municipal facilities management; information system operation and maintenance services; ordinary mechanical equipment installation services; computers And office equipment maintenance; data processing services; network equipment sales; security equipment sales; information security equipment sales; software sales; electronic product sales; mechanical equipment sales; Internet of Things equipment sales; office equipment sales; household appliances sales; wire and cable management ; Building decoration materials sales; fire fighting equipment sales; Internet equipment sales; teaching special equipment sales; communication equipment sales; mobile communication equipment sales; general equipment repairs; traffic and public management signs sales; door and window sales; safety technology prevention system design and construction services (Except for projects subject to approval in accordance with the law, carry out business activities independently according to the business license)