Guangxi Zhixiang Technology Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:No. 507, Building B, Jinwangjiao CASA International Mansion, No. 7 Zhongyue Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning

BUSINESS SCOPE: General projects: technical services, technology development, technical consulting, technical exchanges, technology transfer, technology promotion; network technical services; information system integration services; information system operation and maintenance services; computer system services; artificial intelligence industry application system integration services; network equipment Sales; sales of electronic products; sales of mobile terminal equipment; sales of optical communication equipment; sales of communication equipment; sales of office equipment; sales of building materials; sales of knitwear; retail of cosmetics; wholesale of cosmetics; Auxiliary equipment retail; computer and office equipment maintenance; hardware product retail; hardware product wholesale; toy sales; daily necessities sales; furniture sales; refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment sales; wire and cable management; special equipment sales; valves and cock sales; instruments Instrument sales; sales of special teaching equipment; sales of power electronic components; sales of power facilities and equipment; conference and exhibition services; information consulting services (not including licensing information consulting services); second-class medical equipment sales; first-class medical equipment sales ; Medical equipment leasing; sales of sanitary supplies and disposable medical supplies; wholesale of protective equipment for medical staff; retail of protective equipment for medical staff (except for items subject to approval according to law, carry out business activities independently in accordance with the law);;;;