National Pipeline Group Hainan Natural Gas Co., Ltd.

 Date: 2021-08-21 View: 345
ADDRESS:75 Binhai Avenue, Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Hainan Province

BUSINESS SCOPE: Hainan liquefied natural gas receiving station, gas transmission trunk line, investment, construction and operation of liquefied natural gas and natural gas processing and utilization projects; purchase, transportation, import, export, storage and regasification of liquefied natural gas; transportation of liquefied natural gas, natural gas and its by-products And sales; transportation and sales of liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas; leasing, operation and other related businesses of liquefied natural gas carriers and tankers; operation of liquefied natural gas receiving stations (liquefied natural gas loading and unloading, container transshipment, bonded warehousing and bonded international trade, LNG ship cold cabin and vehicle and ship refueling); port operation and service; port tugboat service; LNG cold energy sales and utilization, LNG project overall facilities, temporary construction facilities and office facilities and related assets leasing; LNG reception The station is put into operation, guaranteeing transportation, maintenance and personnel training services; catering and accommodation operations; liquefied natural gas project management and technical services.;