Hainan Daye Industrial Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:1st Floor, Building A, Zhisheng Xiyuan, No. 97, Binhai Avenue, Haikou City

BUSINESS SCOPE: Real estate development and operation, lease of self-owned houses, indoor and outdoor decoration projects, commodity information consulting services, building materials, general machinery, communication equipment, chemical products (except dangerous goods), auto parts, hardware and electricity sales, agricultural development, hotels Management, accommodation, catering, conference and exhibition services (excluding travel agency business), photocopying, printing, business information consulting, property services, labor services (except labor dispatch), ticket agency, laundry cleaning services, car washing and parking fees, gyms, Children"s entertainment facilities, chess and card, billiards, swimming pool services, beauty salons, saunas and spas, shopping mall rentals, equipment rentals, car rentals and sales, tobacco, alcohol, pre-packaged food, handicrafts and tourist souvenirs, daily necessities sales. (General operating projects are operated independently, and permitted operating projects are operated with relevant licenses or approval documents) (Projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can only be operated after being approved by relevant departments.);;