Henan Asia-Pacific Medical Products Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:Mancun Industrial Zone, Changyuan City

BUSINESS SCOPE: The first, second and third types of medical equipment and production and operation; cotton spinning processing and sales; cotton purchase; rinsing textile fabrics, skim gauze, non-woven fabrics and sanitary products production; labor insurance products, chemical glass equipment, Instruments, purification equipment and materials, disinfection tools, cleaning engineering, disinfectant packaging (except hazardous chemicals), hardware tools, deodorants, descaling agents, suspending agents, medical clothing and bedding, daily miscellaneous, mechanical and electrical parts retail And processing; equipment maintenance; engaged in the import and export of goods and technologies; technical research, development, medical treatment, services, and consulting of medical devices (except for goods and technologies that must be approved by national laws and regulations or prohibited from entering or leaving), ( The above business scope, except for hazardous chemicals)*