Hubei Huanong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:No. 29, Guanshan Industrial Park, Dasheng, Huangmei County

BUSINESS SCOPE: Production and sales of compound fertilizers; sales of chemical fertilizers; purchase and sales of agricultural and sideline products; production and sales of organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, compound microbial fertilizers, enzyme bacteria bio-organic fish fertilizers, BB fertilizers, and special fertilizers for various crop soil testing formulas; compost starter, Production and sales of straw decomposing agents, soil conditioners, seedbed conditioners, cyanobacteria inhibitors, water quality improvers, EM inoculants and other microbial inoculants, as well as the development of agricultural science and technology projects. (In the scope of business, the state has special regulations in accordance with its regulations, and those involving special state approvals must be processed after special approvals before they can operate, and those involving licensed business projects can be operated with valid licenses).;;;