Shanghai Shengyi Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd.

 Date: 2021-08-13 View: 425
ADDRESS:1628 Su Zhao Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

BUSINESS SCOPE: General projects: pump and vacuum equipment manufacturing; general valve and cock manufacturing (excluding special equipment manufacturing); general equipment manufacturing (excluding special equipment manufacturing); electronic components and electromechanical component equipment manufacturing; mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing; special equipment manufacturing (Excluding the manufacturing of licensed professional equipment); photovoltaic equipment and components manufacturing; water resources special mechanical equipment manufacturing; metal chains and other metal products manufacturing; pump and vacuum equipment sales; electronic components and electromechanical components equipment sales; photovoltaic equipment and Sales of components; sales of metal chains and other metal products. (Except for items subject to approval in accordance with the law, carry out business activities independently with the business license in accordance with the law)