Shanghai Seafood Language Farm Dairy Sales Co., Ltd.

 Date: 2021-08-13 View: 576
ADDRESS:Room 410, No. 2, Lane 88, Wuwei Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

BUSINESS SCOPE: Food sales, sales: daily necessities, office supplies, stationery, clothing and footwear, smart equipment, mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic equipment, edible agricultural products, electronic products and accessories, textiles, cosmetics, corporate image planning, marketing Planning, exhibition and display services, business information consulting, corporate management consulting, design, production, agency, and release of various advertisements, computer system integration, computer hardware design, installation and sales, lease of own equipment, computer technology, network technology, information Technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technical services, e-commerce (no value-added telecommunications, financial services), installation and maintenance of computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment, electronic equipment, import and export of goods or technology in the field of science and technology (the country prohibits (Except for the import and export of goods and technologies involving administrative examination and approval).;