Sichuan Jinwowo Construction Service Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:No. 22, 13th Floor, Unit 2, Building 5, No. 68, Yangzishan Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

BUSINESS SCOPE: Licensed items: construction labor subcontracting; professional construction operations; various engineering construction activities; residential interior decoration; building demolition operations (except blasting operations); fire-fighting facilities engineering construction; general contracting of housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects (in accordance with the law) Projects subject to approval can only be carried out after being approved by the relevant departments. The specific operating projects are subject to the approval documents or permits of the relevant departments.) General projects: earthwork construction; construction machinery and equipment leasing; landscaping construction; coatings Sales (excluding hazardous chemicals) (except for items subject to approval in accordance with the law, carry out business activities independently with the business license in accordance with the law).