Xinjiang Education Publishing House Co., Ltd.

 Date: 2021-08-21 View: 273
ADDRESS:No.187 Shengli Road, Tianshan District, Urumqi, Xinjiang

BUSINESS SCOPE: Publication of textbooks for elementary and middle schools, normal school textbooks, educational research books, compilation, translation, publication, and distribution of auxiliary textbooks, publication of "Xinjiang Education News" (Chinese, Uighur, and Kazakh), "Xinjiang Education" (Uighur and Kazakh monthly publications), Publication and distribution of Chinese and Uyghur "School Time and Space for Primary School Students"; a single business of publishing and typesetting in the autonomous region. Use the newspapers and periodicals published by the company to design, produce, and publish advertisements, paper and printing materials and equipment, publishing office automation equipment, sales of stationery, house leasing, and property services. (Projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can be operated only after being approved by relevant departments);