Xinjiang Yineng Power Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:1st Floor, Guangming Home, No. 7, Yihe Street, Yining City, Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang

BUSINESS SCOPE: Power installation, power generation equipment maintenance, transmission and distribution maintenance, power line erection and maintenance, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, construction labor, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway engineering, municipal public engineering, construction engineering, sales of mechanical and electrical equipment (except special items), Manufacture and sales of cement products, coal sales, agricultural development, warehousing and leasing services (except for dangerous chemicals), scrap metal purchase (non-productive), design, production, release, advertising agency business, relay protection setting value calculation; sales Electricity, power supply. (Projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can be operated only after being approved by relevant departments);;