Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:M2-3, Kunming High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yunnan Province

BUSINESS SCOPE: Design, construction and scientific research of production, processing, sales of non-ferrous metals and precious metals, and production technology. Production, processing and sales of high-tech products and chemical products. Manufacturing and installation of mechanical power equipment, operating the export business of the company’s self-produced products and related technologies; operating the import business of raw materials, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, spare parts and related technologies required for scientific research produced by the company; operating capital Enterprise"s processing of imported materials and "three to one supplement" business; export of self-produced copper materials, beneficiation reagents, and non-ferrous metals; import of raw materials, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, spare parts, and operations required by the enterprise for production and scientific research Non-ferrous metal mining and beneficiation business, fertilizer processing and sales, feed additive products, sulfuric acid; food additive production; production and operation of liquid oxygen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other gas products; medical oxygen manufacturing; mixed gas, liquid nitrogen, liquid Sales of argon, high-purity nitrogen, high-purity argon, and high-purity helium; goods and technology import and export; compressed air production and operation; analysis and testing, logistics transportation and logistics auxiliary services; including daily necessities, labor insurance supplies, cultural office supplies, Packaging materials, chemical raw materials and products (except dangerous goods), hardware and electrical appliances, mechanical and electrical equipment and accessories, mechanical equipment and accessories, plastic products, rubber products, building materials, refractory materials, cement products, thermal insulation and anticorrosive oxygen coatings, building waterproof materials , Thermal insulation materials, lubricating oil, grease, metal materials, metal products. Coal, wire and cable, trade agency. (The above is related to the business scope of national laws and regulations, operating with a license). (Projects that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can only carry out business activities after being approved by relevant departments);